Mokore Safaris became involved in the management of Coutada 9 in 2003 and has spent the last 10 years investing a lot of time and money into re-building the area.


The surrounding communities of Coutada 9 receive many benefits from Mokore Safari’s sustainable utilization management strategy including a large percentage of their income and the meat produced from responsible hunting. Eco tourism and proper management of the area are also helping to bring environmental and economic stability. In this way Mokore Safaris has been involved with conservation & community development in Zimbabwe and Mozambique for many years. It was only until recently and mainly at the request of a number of safari clients that they decided it was time to formalise a proper outreach programme.


The concept and idea is certainly not a new one, for years hunting clients have been a huge part of saving African wildlife and boosting the economy, by starting the Tadikwe Outreach Programme all safari clients can now participate and become a part of working hand in hand with local communities and conservation.  


To learn more about the Tandikwe Outreach Programme or to donate please visit our website:


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